Meetings of Zareh Sinanyan in Moscow and the significant role of St. Petersburg

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July 22, 2019 was the last day of the 5-day visit of the Chief Commissioner under the Prime Minister of Armenia for Diaspora affairs Zareh Sinanyan to Moscow.

Over the past days there have been meetings with many groups - representatives of various Armenian organizations.

On July 21, Zareh Sinanyan visited the temple complex of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Moscow, and it was with a visit to this Armenian Cathedral that he began his visit on the first day of July 25.

On July 22, Zareh Sinanyan also held a number of meetings and negotiations, including:

- in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia with the State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia G.B. Karasin

- at the Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs (FANA) with the deputy head of the agency Mikhail Mishin.

Armenian Ambassador to Russia Vardan Toganyan attended the meeting

On July 22, Zareh Sinanyan held a separate meeting with the Chairman of the Council of the Armenian national-cultural autonomy of Saint Petersburg Karen Mkrtchyan

Karen Mkrtchyan spoke about numerous projects that were implemented in the past and are planned in the near future by the forces of the Armenian autonomy of St. Petersburg.

After that, for more than six hours until late at night, a solemn reception continued on behalf of Armenian Ambassador Vardan Toganyan. At this meeting, prominent figures of science, culture and industry participated, and the most serious issues concerning Armenia and Russian-Armenian relations were discussed. Being the last and final for a large series of negotiations within five days, this meeting was very productive.

On July 23, Zareh Sinanyan, together with Karen Mkrtchyan, flew from Moscow to Yerevan. In Yerevan, K. Mkrtchyan will visit the office of the Chief Commissioner, and at the end of the week on July 28, K. Mkrtchyan and Z. Sinanyan will take part in a major international event to strengthen the partnership under the auspices of the European Union - Startup Sevan. It will last until August 3. Summit website is here.

At the same place on Sevan on July 29, the annual annual Avet Terteryan International Festival will take place.

This year, Avet Rubenovich - the composer of the future (according to leading musicologists) - would have turned 90 years old.

This annual festival organizes and patronizes Karen Mkrtchyan.

Immediately after this, on August 5, another major international event begins - the Pan-Armenian Games in the Republic of Artsakh, in which Z. Sinanyan and K. Mkrtchyan will also participate.

The activity of the representatives of the Armenian community of St. Petersburg at various sites is of a continuous nature. So,

- on June 5 there was a participation in the international round table on the theme of Greater Eurasia in the framework of the Petersburg Economic Forum,

- on July 2-4 there was a participation in a large pan-Armenian media forum in Beirut (it was the only representative from Russia and from the countries of the former USSR among hundreds of participants from different countries),

- a series of online meetings with representatives of various Armenian communities of the “far” Spyurq is currently being planned - the formation of bridges Petersburg-Beirut and Russia-Spyurq. This was discussed at the indicated media forum, as well as at the meeting of the members of the Coordination Council of the Russian-Armenian organizations with Zareh Sinanyan. The initiative of the "bridges", the role of the "crossroad", was recently "symbolically" realized in the Armenian Church of St. Catherine in St. Petersburg. On July 21, the Coptic young man and the Russian girl were married in this Armenian church, and the wedding ceremony was held by the high hierarchs of the Coptic Apostolic Church diocese in the United States, who arrived in St. Petersburg with many guests.

In the past three months, in addition to the visits of various Armenian officials, three meetings of the Armenian leaders with the Armenian public in the North-West region of Russia were held in St. Petersburg:

- prime minister Nikol Pashinyan (June 6)

- speaker of the National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan (April 19)

- Mayor of Yerevan Haik Marutyan (June 20-21).

On May 25, a round table was held in the Armenian community of St. Petersburg with the participation of dozens of Russian scientists from different cities on the 90th anniversary of the only Armenian founder of science, philosopher and world-class culturologist - Eduard Markaryan (1929-2011).

In the autumn of this year, the St. Petersburg initiative will be continued - another event, "The first Markarian readings" will take place.

Despite the fact that the July meetings of Zareh Sinanyan were held in Moscow, the significant role of Saint Petersburg and North-West Russia is clearly visible. The city of St. Petersburg is known as a window to Europe for Russia. But this city in a sense is also a significant window to Russia for Armenia.

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